I studied Fine Art in Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont and graduated with a BA in Art in 1987. I continued studying Fine Art in School of Visual Arts in NYC. I finally completed my education in 1990 with a BFA in Fine Arts. I also won the David Rhodes Award for Outstanding Accomplishments.

After school, I worked for awhile in Vermont in a gallery, and did odd jobs. It was a difficult life finding my way in my field, so I decided to learn the computer, and take a job for awhile. About 10 years ago, I started to work independently on my art again, and found websites that I was able to sell my work. I have had some success with it.

I am always looking for new adventures in my work.  I enjoy working with acrylic paints, color pencils, ink pens, and gouache paint.  Color is my strength in my work. I try to take a regular image and create it to another level of dimension.

I hope you enjoy my work. If interested, please contact me.

I am a Fine Artist and avid Photographer.

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